How to identify user personas

After submitting a project proposal for a web design job my client asked how I went about identifying user personas. This is a great question and I thought I’d shed some light on this aspect of web design here. This

First client meetings: What questions to ask

Discover who they are and what they need The initial meeting with your client is essential in finding out about your client’s business. The aim is to ask questions and listen to their answers whilst talking notes. This is an

The importance of buyer personas and how to target them based on behaviour

The design of successful eCommerce websites requires both the alignment of business goals and user needs. In this section we will be looking specifically at the needs of the user through what are commonly known as user personas. Personas are

‘Creating usability with motion’ – A framework for motion UX

I first heard about Issara Willenskomer of, on the School of Motion podcast where Issara talks about the possibilities of UX design for animators. This immediately struck a chord with me because I have been trying to integrate UX animation and

Understanding visual design

—– This article is a continuation from My UX website design process. With the wireframes completed we now have our framework and layout of the website in place. The next step in our website is the visual design. For the

My UX website design process

It goes without saying that website design has come along way since the early days of the internet (circa 2000), when getting online and having a website presence was the thing of the day. Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to

How to Ace your First Website Proposal

Standing out with an effective website proposal is critical to getting considered for a website project especially with the amount of competition out there. I show you what to include in your proposal and how to structure it giving you the best chance to win the bid.