Forever Amano


Improving the user experience

Started on the street markets of Camden and Portobello way back in 1989 Forever Amano is now a mail order catalogue company.

The brief was to have a more user friendly and visually appealing website, focusing on improved layouts, typographic selection and content choices.

  • Client

    Forever Amano

  • Responsibilities

    UI Design and UX (Wireframing)

  • Software

    Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD

Forever Amano

Improving an old website design

At first glance the website lacked a clear navigation to guide the decision making of visitors. We also noticed that the typographic choice made the headings difficult to read and to help users scan the page content would need to be modularized.

Forever Amano

The homepage redesign

We added a cover image as a sales feature that would immediately focus the user’s attention and help dwell times on the homepage. We also added ‘Our best sellers’ and ‘Shop by category’ modules to improve click-throughs to product pages. The sales banner would be used to promote clearance items, and the history and natural fibres information would add interest and give the company credibility. By increasing the amount of content on the page the user is able to scroll and be directed to other areas of the website thus creating a seamless user experience. Better typographic choices also helped the content hierarchy and reading of the page.

Forever Amano

Typography and colour palette

We chose to use pastel colours to improve the attractiveness of pages. A more saturated colour was also chosen for accents such as web links. John Doe is a typeface very close to the logo font and this was chosen for headings. Open Sans is a versatile sans serif which looks great small with plenty of personality and readability.

Forever Amano
Forever Amano

Wireframing and user journey

We began by sketching and blocking out the user journey from the homepage to product pages. With these ideas on paper we were able to see what problems the user would have when they came to the website and how they could be solved.

Mobile devices

With a large percentage of visitors coming from mobile devices it was important to provide an experience where content was focused with clear calls to action, attractive and meaningful icons, short navigations and visible search. We also added filters to narrow search and improve product search results.

Forever Amano

Improved product pages

We provided filters on both desktop and mobile offerings to help users find what they were looking for. We reduced the amount of content on the page to 9 products at a time and provided information about how many results were returned when using filters. If the user wanted to view more this content would be lazy loaded improving page load times.

Product page

The product carousel allows the user to view multiple product shots and also to zoom to get closer to the product detail. We also added tabs to save on screen real estate and added icons to improve readability. The ‘Why not try’ and ‘Recently viewed’ modules help improve sales, dwell times and help users to explore before they commit.

Forever Amano

The outcome

The new and improved website has led to a more engaging user experience, which is both functional and delightful.