Marcus Vaughan Showreel


Digital designer and animator

Hi, my name’s Marcus Vaughan I’m a freelance digital designer and animator. This is my reel which showcases some of my skills and provides an introduction into my life. I am currently freelancing and provide digital design and animation services.

  • Responsibilities

    Motion design and animation

  • Software

    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Duik

On my scooter…

Out and about in London the only person missing is my daughter who pillions with me at the front. This scene was designed in illustrator, using vector images, and animated in After Effects using the Duik plugin. Each character was designed in illustrator and rigged individually before animating.

Here I am in illustrator. If you look closely there are a bunch of red dots that will be used in Duik as pivot points to rig the character prior to animation.


Character walk cycles

There are a number of characters here that are running, walking, cycling or hobbling. Here are two example walk cycles. I am particularly happy with the follow through of the man’s hands on the walk cycle.


Digital screens

Showcasing a few of my digital screens here whilst the popcorn is popping and the crow is waiting to transform into a fly…


In my office

It’s certainly not as tidy as this and the fly swatter isn’t next to me. But this is the vibe with coffee in hand and deadlines looming.


Digital Advertising

I spent a not insignificant part of my career designing and animating Flash websites and banner ads when Flash was a hero to many design studios. Now its all HTML 5 and Greensock. Take a look at some of my work.

Family life

That’s my daughter! xxx She actually spends more time on her trampoline and climbing walls than bouncy castles. I just had to include her here… 🙂


I’m a secret ninja…

I love keeping fit and have been practising martial arts for years. I’m also an avid follower of the UFC. (The fly found its demise eventually)

Some vectors from

My freelance services

In addition to motion design and animation and digital advertising I am also providing UI design and UX (wireframing) services. Please contact me at hello[at] to discuss how I may help your business.