Veruna H20


Veruna H20 is a fictional non-profit organisation that was used as the basis for a 30 second explainer video with the School of Motion. The objective of this spot was to educate people about the wide spread problem of dirty drinking water around the world. ‘Veruna’ educates the viewer about how its technology purifies dirty drinking water with the end goal of motivating the viewer to pledge money.

  • Online Educator

    School of Motion

  • Responsibilities

    Motion design and animation

  • Software

    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects

The client brief

Veruna’s logo is set in Omnes Regular. The logo and the mark are usually locked up together. The URL, can be set in Omnes Regular. The primary colour is blue with three secondary colours.

About Veruna

We are a non-profit organization that tries to find ways of using technology to solve the world’s clean water crisis. Currently, we’re working on a 2-part system called the Veruna Water System which uses new desalination technology in conjunction with existing purification techniques to enable villages and towns across the globe to take non-potable water and convert it into clean drinking water. We develop, build, deploy, and maintain these systems in countries all over the world (primarily in Africa but we’ve also deployed systems in Michigan during its water crisis). The biggest challenge we face is funding, as we rely on donations and sponsors to cover the costs.

Brand Ethos

Veruna was founded on the idea that every human being deserves clean water, plain and simple. With the amount of wealth in the world and the technology at our disposal, we see no reason for anyone to be denied this basic necessity. We’re a non-profit so that we can maximize the effectiveness of the funds we raise, and we will not stop until this crises has been solved. Our staff and volunteers have set up over 300 water systems across the globe, and we hope to double that number in the next 2 years.

How we make water cleaner

The Veruna Water System is a dual-system which both desalinates and purifies water, making it unique in the market. We use Israeli technology to make the desalination process much more affordable than it’s been in the past.

One major problem that this spot faced was how to simplify and communicate the following water system illustration into something that could be understood by the viewer in only a few seconds.

Voice over (vo) script and picture suggestions

A vo was supplied by the client. This was used to formulate ideas and visual metaphors. These ideas were sketched, presented in a storyboard and timed to the vo in the animatic.

Sketched storyboard

I sketched my ideas based on the supplied VO and suggested visual pictures. Visual metaphors that would support the script were then formulated. This involved an initial research phase to familiarize myself with the subject matter and to collect reference materials in Pinterest and other internet resources such as Flickr, Dribble and Behance.

The animatic

When the client had approved the sketched storyboard each frame was added to Premiere Pro with the scratch VO to make sure that the timing of the spot felt natural and unrushed and synced with each sketched board.

Styleframes and boards

Styleframes are a snapshot of the finished frame as it would look in the final animation. They are designed after a moodboard is shown to the client and an artistic direction is agreed. Styleframes capture colours, textures, photography and typography that are planned to be used in the video.

The boardomatic

When the styleframes are approved the design boards are created and are then added to the animatic, replacing the sketched frames. This is known as the boardomatic.

Final delivery

Here is the final polished piece that was supplied to the client. It incorporates the professional vo, audio and last minute amends.